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Wake on LAN

I have tried to get WOL work from power-off state (S5). I enabled it in the NIC properties and the BIOS, but still nothing. Then I found this thread. Basically he points to this MS article. In order to get WOL to… Continue reading →

MySQL, load data from file

So, I have a large txt file, exported from MySQL, which consists of 167 million INSERT statements. Not being very database savvy, I wrote a C# application that parsed the file and inserted the rows into SQL Express. It took… Continue reading →

SQLite.Net Extensions-PCL

SQLite is a very lightweight ORM, which does not support foreign keys and won’t automatically figure out how to store relationships between complex objects. Fortunately there is a NuGet package called SQLite.Net Extensions-PCL. The latest alpha version of this package uses… Continue reading →

SQLite.NET not supported by Android 7.x

For persistence I am using SQLite in the form of the NuGet package SQLite.Net-PCL. It turns out this package makes use of private libraries in Android that it shouldn’t (see github issue). This has been working fine since Android itself hasn’t enforced these… Continue reading →

Freediving app – Xamarin.Forms

As I have just taken a course in freediving, I have decided to have a go at a cross-platform app using Xamarin.Forms. Pluralsight has a good introductory course called “Introduction to Xamarin.Forms“. The purpose of the app is to log and… Continue reading →

Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme

A colleague of mine recently exported and sent me his color scheme. It’s great, but it uses the blue theme and I wanted the dark one. As it turned out it is quite difficult to change the theme without loosing… Continue reading →

Xbox Music Crawler binary

Some people have requested a compiled binary, so here it is: XboxMusicPlaylistCrawler This is used in the same way as described in the previous posts, only now you don’t compile your own executable.

Xbox Music Crawler – Git repository

Here it is in action:   I have made my git repository available so you can download the source and try it for yourself: https://[email protected]/jacobholm/xboxmusicplaylistcrawler.git The reason I am not posting an executable is that it might seem suspicious to other… Continue reading →

Xbox music crawler with Levenshtein distance algorithm

I found an algorithm for comparing two strings to find the “distance” between them. E.g. if you have a string “hello word” and another “hello world” the distance would be one (as we need to add one character ‘l’) You… Continue reading →

Xbox Music crawler in action

EDIT: Updated YT video to a newer version of the program. Now it uses the Levenshtein distance algorithm (see related post). Here is a short video of the program in action:   Currently it only adds the tracks if title, artist… Continue reading →

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